Saturday, 4 August 2012

Let's kick this off, shall we?

Well hello, and thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to my blog documenting my learning about, and work in, the world of social media, connecting people and their learning with technologies, and collaboration with colleagues near and far.

My goals are:
  • to be active and present (ie cease lurking!) and thoughtful,
  • to share my learning and ideas about educational technologies, information access (both open and subscribed),
  • to expand my thoughts about what I read and do, informed by people and concepts that inspire me, in more than 140 characters, tho’ you'll find my tweets out in the ether too.

Just to mix it up, there will be the odd post about random personal interests when they connect with the digital world, because I’d like to have fun along the way :-) 

Feel free to lurk awhile, or dive on in and say hi – I’m looking forward to this venture!



  1. Hey Kris, this sounds like it will be really interesting look forward to your comments on educational technology.


  2. Hey Brenda,
    I'm hoping it will be. It will certainly assist me in my thinking, and be proof or evidence of activity in this space.
    What technologies or apps are you exploring in your new role?

  3. Thank you Kris for twitter follow from #moocmooc -ing. I want to post here to encourage you in your much-longer-than-a-tweet reflections too. All best wishes, P.


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