Thursday, 9 August 2012

Digital presence: use it to your advantage

It's been a busy couple of days since last post.
Amongst the conversations with library colleagues at Deakin and across Melbourne, and the collaborations I've been working on with another division at Deakin - I've also been checking out and cleaning up my digital presence!

  • a quick Google search, to "see what I can see" about my name online (nothing scary so far!)
  • I also set up an alert, so anytime Google finds fresh content about me, I'll be sent an email with links so I can check myself (or e-doppelgangers) out
  • I hopped onto LinkedIn and tidied up my profile and account, changed all those weekly digests that were accidentally going to a personal email to redirect to work
  • I invited some newer colleagues to link up with me in LinkedIn - and suggested a couple of the groups I find useful as possibilities for them. There's no guarantee of course - but some of their connections have since connected up with me - so the network is building, and hopefully we can help each other over time.
  • I made sure all my social networking sites had a professional looking photo, and a useful description of me and my work, tho' the description is bound to change with time!

'Why the focus on your digital presence just now?', I imagine you asking... 
Well, I've been watching a new blog of a co-collaborator, whose most recent post advises on just that task.
You can check the specific post on your digital presence tips here.

Technical tip
The last post uploaded just fine by pasting from the iPad notes app, but I was unable to format using bold to have headings stand out.
It was easily fixed the next day by hopping online from the desktop, but I am hoping to finesse that, to remove double handling. Maybe I'll need to learn a little code?

Any workflow suggestions from other Blogger users very welcome!

* Sponsor's declaration
Work on this blog was sustained by my Mum's famous crumbly oat biscuits, collected on my last visit. Dee-licious! Thanks Mum :-)

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